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Underground storage tanks (USTs) are often one of the leading hurdles property owners  must face before selling. In most cases, USTs that exist on residential properties today are old enough to be considered damaging to that property's value.


The State of Vermont offers a grant for residential tank owners towards the removal, replacement, or upgrade of underground storage tanks (USTs) as well as above ground storage tanks (ASTs) used to heat residences. Multi-unit properties are eligible to apply for this grant as well. A limited amount of money is set aside yearly for this grant, so it is important to apply for this grant as early as possible when you are considering the removal of a UST.  For UST owners who find they have leaking tanks, The Petroleum Cleanup Fund offers reimbursement for the subsequent removal of contaminated soil and/or site investigation work.











A corroding UST can leak and cause contamination to the property's groundwater.




Wheeler Environmental Services has been dedicated to guiding UST owners through this process for years. We have completed the removal of hundreds of UST throughout Vermont. We can take care of all the details of getting an old UST removed from your property before it becomes a problem.  Our experience helps make this a routine matter, every time.



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